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Mosquito Control Services Bhubaneswar: A mosquito chomp can bring about destructive ailments like jungle fever or dengue. Mosquitoes breed quickly in stagnant, polluted water. Treatment for mosquito invasion relies on upon the seriousness of the issue Mosquito control is crucial general wellbeing rehearse all through the world and particularly in India since mosquitoes spread numerous ailments, for example, intestinal sickness, dengue and chikungunya.


FOGGING – Control of grown-up mosquitoes is the most commonplace part of mosquito control to a great many people of Odisha. It is expert by ground-based applications or by means of ethereal use of compound pesticides, for example, warm hazing. This is done principally in open air zones. The recurrence of the treatment depends on the force of the issue.



In this treatment, we splash a dry and scentless bug spray on the dividers. The bug spray is safe for individuals. The mosquitoes sit on the divider, interact with the bug spray and bite the dust. This treatment is viable for 2 to 3 months.


Control of mosquito hatchlings can be proficient through the utilization of larvicides, development controllers, surface movies. These are connected at potential mosquito reproducing locales, for example, nallahs outside the complex. The prescribed recurrence of utilization is month to month.

Anusaya Pest Control provides round the year protection for your family and your home. Our program consists of quarterly misting treatments regularly scheduled visits every year. As a part of the annual pest control program Many mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, source reduction can be as simple as emptying water from containers around the home.

This is something that homeowners can accomplish without much difficulty. For example, homeowners can eliminate mosquito breeding grounds by removing unused plastic pools, coolers, old tires, or buckets; by clearing clogged gutters and repairing leaks around faucets; by regularly changing the water in birdbaths; and by filling or draining puddles, swampy areas, and tree stumps.

Eliminating such mosquito breeding areas can be an extremely effective and permanent way to reduce mosquito populations without resorting to insecticides.

How Do I Get relieved of Mosquitoes?

If you really want to a mosquito-free home, you need to initially ensure that mosquitoes aren’t entering your home. At the point when it is sunset and the sun is going down, firmly close all entryways and windows in the event that you don’t have nets joined to them as of now.

While sunlight helps mosquitoes away to some extent, they are much more active after dusk. To get relieved of mosquitoes indoors, you can prevent them from entering.

You can purchase door/entryway strips online that will obstruct the space around your entryways and windows from where mosquitoes can go into the house.

Custom Mosquito Control Solutions:-

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